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Supreme Administrative Tribunal

After the partitions in the system of the Second Polish Republic, the administrative judiciary was the Supreme Administrative Tribunal established by the Act of August 3, 1922.

The NTA headed the administrative judiciary, established to rule on the legality of administrative acts in the field of central and local government administration. This Court has also ruled in, inter alia, cases relating to nationality.

It is worth emphasizing that the NTA issued many judgments, the theses of which were in the nature of general rules of procedure before administrative authorities. Thanks to this, many practical doubts related to the application of the law were clarified.

The outbreak of World War II interrupted the activities of the NTA. The President of the Tribunal went to London, where he was involved in the activities of the Polish government. The building of the Tribunal's seat at Miodowa Street in Warsaw was permanently occupied by German troops. Even then, some of the NTA files and materials were destroyed. In the years 1940-1942, all the existing files were transferred to the Archives of New Records at the behest of the German authorities. All this material, documenting 17 years of the NTA's operation, was destroyed with the burning of the Archives of New Files in November 1944.

After the Second World War, there was a long break in the functioning of the administrative judiciary in Poland. Despite repeated attempts to reactivate it, the creation of a deputy of the NTA - the Supreme Administrative Court - took place only in 1980.