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The strength of the Polish passport

According to research conducted in 2021 by the Passport Index Service, the strongest passport in the world is the German passport. Thanks to it, you can enter 134 countries without a visa.

The Polish passport, on the other hand, entitles you to enter 130 countries without a visa. For this reason, the Polish passport on the list of the "strongest" landed in fifth place. Belgium, Lithuania, Hungary, Japan and South Korea are in the same place.

Entering with a Polish passport allows you to visit 94 countries without any visa, in 36 countries, upon arrival at the airport, you must obtain a visa "on arrival". For comparison, last year with a Polish passport it was possible to visit 89 countries without a visa and in 35 countries we received a visa " on arrival ".

Poles still need a visa to 68 countries. The list of these countries includes, among others, India, China and Russia. It is worth recalling that from November 2019, visa-free entry of Polish citizens to the USA is possible.

There is no doubt that the countries of the European Union dominate the top of the ranking. Most of them allow free movement within the Schengen area, which includes 26 countries where border controls have been abolished.