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Polish citizenship

Welcome to Polish-citizenship.eu, a website dedicated to providing comprehensive information on Polish citizenship.
Guidance and information is provided here for people who wish to determine whether they are eligible for Polish citizenship.

At present there are regulations that allow Polish emigrants or people with Polish roots around the world to seek confirmation of their Polish citizenship and obtain a Polish passport. The current regulations also widen the group of foreigners who may apply for Polish citizenship. Thus, the information in this site will be useful to both people of Polish origin who want to regain their Polish citizenship and foreigners interested in obtaining Polish citizenship.



Polish emigrants

Poles can be said to be a nation of emigrants. For more than two centuries successive waves of emigrants have been leaving Poland. There are millions of people of Polish descent all over the world. Many have lost ties with their country, but under Polish law most of them have nevertheless retained their Polish citizenship. Such entitlement to Polish citizenship is not limited to people who emigrated from Poland but also extends to their children, grandchildren, grand-grand-children etc. Thus, if you or one of your ancestors had been a Polish citizen, you may be eligible for Polish citizenship. In order to find it out, you need to submit an application for confirmation of Polish citizenship. It is the fastest way to obtain a Polish passport.
How can one determine whether somebody is a Polish citizen

Acquisition of Polish citizenship by a foreigner

A foreigner may be granted Polish citizenship. What requirements must he/she meet?
What factors are taken into account to determine if a foreigner is eligible for Polish citizenship?
Acquisition of Polish citizenship by a foreigner

The loss of Polish citizenship

In some circumstances a person may want to stop being a Polish citizen. It is not easy, yet it is possible if a number of requirements are met. In some cases the loss of Polish citizenship may have taken place against the will of the person concerned.
For someone seeking to have their Polish roots confirmed, the loss of Polish citizenship by an ancestor may have serious consequences.
The loss of Polish citizenship

Restoration of Polish citizenship

People who lost Polish citizenship before 1 January 1999 may apply for its restoration. On 15 May 2012 the provisions of the Polish Citizenship Act of 2 April 2009 came into force, introducing a possibility to restore Polish citizenship.
Restoration of Polish citizenship


Learn more about Polish citizenship procedure.

Polish passport

Every Polish citizen has the right to obtain a Polish passport.
Polish passport


Regulations regarding Polish citizenship.


Judgments in citizenship cases

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