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The Archive System in Poland

In accordance with the Act of 14 July 1983 on the national archival resource (Journal of Laws of 1983, No. 38 item 173), the national archival resource, depending on the ownership ratio of the archival materials, is divided into the state resource archival and non-state archival resource. In this article, the issue of non-state archival resources will be omitted.

The state archival resource consists of archival materials created and created as a result of the activities of:

  • 1) state bodies and other state organizational units;
  • 2) bodies of local government units and other local government organizational units;
  • 3) foreign authorities and state administration and other bodies, organizational units and organizations, religious associations, as well as military occupation units, if these materials are located in the Republic of Poland.

The state archival resource also consists of archival materials created as a result of the activities of:

  • 1) political parties and other organizations of a political, social, professional and economic nature,
  • 2) churches and religious associations,
  • 3) other non-state organizations and organizational units,
  • 4) political, social and economic activists, creators in the field of science and technology, culture and art, and other people who have made their historical contribution to the development of the Polish State, political, social and economic life, and to the development of science and technology, as well as culture and art,
  • 5) families and families that exerted a historical influence on state affairs, political, economic and social relations, as well as on their property, enterprises and other economic activity,

- if these materials have become your property as a result of purchase, donation or otherwise.

The State Archives Network forms the most important archival information network in Poland. Its activities include collecting, recording, storing, processing, securing and sharing archival materials as well as conducting information activities. Currently, the network of the State Archives consists of 33 Archives.

Supervision over the network of the State Archives and the national archival resource is exercised by the General Director of the State Archives.

Link to the map: https://www.archiwa.gov.pl/o-nas/mapa-archiwow-panstwowych/

List of the State Archives (source: archiwa.gov.pl)

  • Central Archives of Historical Records
  • Archives of New Files
  • National Digital Archives
  • State Archives in Białystok
  • State Archives in Bydgoszcz
  • State Archives in Częstochowa
  • State Archives in Gdańsk
  • State Archives in Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • State Archives in Kalisz
  • State Archives in Katowice
  • State Archives in Kielce
  • State Archives in Koszalin
  • National Archives in Krakow
  • State Archives in Leszno
  • State Archives in Lublin
  • State Archives in Łódź
  • State Archives in Malbork
  • State Archives in Olsztyn
  • State Archives in Opole
  • State Archives in Piotrków Trybunalski
  • State Archives in Płock
  • State Archives in Poznań
  • State Archives in Przemyśl
  • State Archives in Radom
  • State Archives in Rzeszów
  • State Archives in Siedlce
  • State Archives in Suwałki
  • State Archives in Szczecin
  • State Archives in Toruń
  • State Archives in Warsaw
  • State Archives in Wrocław
  • State Archives in Zamość
  • State Archives in Zielona Góra