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Obtaining citizenship - in person or by post?

As a rule, everything can be dealt with by correspondence. This applies to cases regarding confirmation of Polish citizenship, granting Polish citizenship, recognition as a Polish citizen, as well as renunciation of Polish citizenship. Of course, you can also submit an application to the appropriate voivodeship office (persons residing abroad submit applications to the Mazowieckie Voivodship Office in Warsaw and are required to appoint a representative in Poland).

However, special rules must be kept in mind. The signature on the application for granting Polish citizenship and for the renunciation of Polish citizenship must be confirmed officially, e.g. by a notary public. In addition, applications in these 2 cases must be made by persons residing abroad through the competent consul. However, applications for confirmation of Polish citizenship and for recognition as a Polish citizen can be submitted at the consulate, but this is no longer mandatory.