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Legal news related to Polish citizenship

  1. Stay of a long-term EU resident.

    II 2024

  2. Success in proceedings before the Minister - the path to confirmation of citizenship is open for the descendants of Polish citizens born before 1933

    I 2024

  3. Establishing the father one year after birth

    XII 2023

  4. Since when are decisions on Polish citizenship final? – significant changes in regulations

    XI 2023

  5. Loss of Polish citizenship by illegitimate daughters

    X 2023

  6. A breakthrough in the cases of married daughters with dual citizenship under the Polish Citizenship Act of 1920

    IX 2023

  7. No general ban on dual citizenship under the Act on Polish citizenship from 1920

    VIII 2023

  8. Recognition as a Polish citizen with a permanent residence permit

    VII 2023

  9. Permanent residence permit upon recognition as a Polish citizen

    VI 2023

  10. Bilateral agreements to which Poland is a party, abolishing the requirement to legalize documents

    V 2023

  11. Countries where the requirement to legalize documents has not been abolished

    IV 2023

  12. Legalization of documents at the University of Warsaw

    III 2023

  13. All about Apostille

    II 2023

  14. The fate of insurgents and descendants of citizens of the First Republic in the provisions of the Treaty of Riga of 1921

    I 2023

  15. You can apply for a Polish passport in Poland or abroad.

    XII 2022

  16. The Archive System in Poland

    XI 2022

  17. Citizenship of underage wedding daughters and the judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court of 27 April 2022

    X 2022

  18. What is the WBH Archive?

    IX 2022

  19. What is the Arolsen Archive?

    VIII 2022

  20. Citizenship of children in the context of the provisions of the Act of 20 January 1920 on the citizenship of the Polish State and the Vienna Convention on citizenship and options of 30 August 1924.

    VII 2022

  21. Foreign military organization

    VI 2022

  22. Illegitimate daughters born before January 19, 1933.

    V 2022

  23. Possible loss of citizenship by widows and orphans

    IV 2022

  24. New Passport Act

    III 2022

  25. Independence of the citizenship of a child born out of wedlock

    II 2022

  26. Recognition as a citizen - legal title to the premises

    I 2022

  27. Citizenship of the European Union

    XII 2021

  28. Change of family name

    XI 2021

  29. Does Angela Merkel have Polish citizenship?

    X 2021

  30. Seizure of a conviction and recognition as a Polish citizen

    IX 2021

  31. Obligation to register divorces and marriages.

    VIII 2021

  32. Name or surname change

    VII 2021

  33. Women's auxiliary military service and the loss of Polish citizenship

    VI 2021

  34. Military service and the loss of Polish citizenship after 1950

    V 2021

  35. Refusal of military service and the loss of Polish citizenship in the years 1918 - 1924

    IV 2021

  36. The strength of the Polish passport

    III 2021

  37. Refusal of military service and loss of Polish citizenship

    II 2021

  38. Loss of Polish citizenship by the mother of an illegitimate child in 1920-1951 (discrepancies in the jurisprudence of courts).

    I 2021

  39. The age of majority of people born abroad

    XII 2020

  40. Acquisition of citizenship of another country before 1920 and the principle of uniformity of family citizenship

    XI 2020

  41. Central Lithuania

    X 2020

  42. Conventions with the USSR regarding dual citizenship

    IX 2020

  43. Supreme Administrative Tribunal

    VIII 2020


    VII 2020

  45. Loss of citizenship by persons of Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and German nationalities.

    VI 2020

  46. Loss of Polish citizenship due to acquisition of foreign citizenship

    V 2020

  47. Obtaining citizenship - in person or by post?

    VI 2020

  48. Polish citizenship and coronavirus

    III 2020

  49. Prohibition of registering the foreign birth certificate of a child of same-sex parents.

    III 2020

  50. Change of law on Polish citizenship

    II 2020

  51. Persons of Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian nationality.

    I 2020

  52. "Temporary" Polish citizenship of women born abroad before January 19, 1933

    XII 2019

  53. Polish citizenship will give you the right to travel to the USA without a visa

    XI 2019

  54. Evidence obligations of an administrative body in matters of Polish citizenship

    X 2019

  55. The rules for access to archival civil status records

    V 2019

  56. Opportunity for US citizens with Polish ancestry


  57. What Brexit means for Poles in the UK