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Name or surname change

The name or surname may be changed only for important reasons, in particular when they concern the change:

  • 1) the name or surname that makes fun of or does not match human dignity; 2
  • 2) the first or last name used;
  • 3) the name or surname that has been unlawfully changed;
  • 4) the name or surname worn in accordance with the provisions of the law of the state of which one also holds the citizenship

The name or surname may only be changed by:

  • 1) Polish citizen
  • 2) a foreigner who does not have the citizenship of any state, if he has his place of residence in the Republic of Poland;
  • 3) an alien who has obtained the refugee status in the Republic of Poland only for particularly important reasons related to the threat to his right to life, health, freedom or personal safety.

These rules mean that people without valid Polish documents may request a change of name or surname only after obtaining confirmation of Polish citizenship from the Voivode.